Artist Statement

I draw and paint what I see in an exploratory manner, keeping anopen mind, following neural grooves, and continuously making adjustments, as Iam presented with new discoveries. I work in a wide-variety of mediums, fromwater-based paints, like casein and gouache, to oil, and use colors that pop.My subject matter is usually a still-life of items found in my studio, whichare simply catalysts for exploring the relationship between color and space.This is my primary passion, and full-time pursuit.

photo courtesy: ©2024 Daniel Florin

First Tuesday Salon: Women Painters ... UNRESTRAINED

Community Salon Draws Enthusiastic Crowd at Popular Cafe, by Abby Luby

Selected Exhibitions

Bookends. Two person exhibition featuring woodfired ceramics by Joel Brown and paintings by Linda Winters
November 11 - December 3, 2023
BAU Gallery, 506 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

Driven to Abstraction, Online Art Exhibit at Tompkins Corners Cultural Center, 2021

2021 KMAAALL MEMBER SHOW 2021, online

Fire Clay Paint
Ceramics and Painting by Roger Baumann, Scott Bartolomei Edmonds, Deborah Heid, Joel Brown and painter Linda Winters
August 13 - September 5, 2016
Hudson Beach Glass Beacon, 162 Main St., Beacon, NY

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